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SterAseptic 256
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Money Back Guarantee and Very Economical 

SterAseptic 256 and SterAseptic 256 Four (4) in One Germicidal Disinfectant Cleaning Solution

SterAseptic a Four (4) in One Germicidal Disinfectant. SterAseptic 256 is a hospital effective disinfectant-detergent which passes the current edition of the A.O.A.C Germicide Use Dilution Test in the presence of 400 ppm hard water (calculated as CaC03) and 5% organic bioload (Fetal Bovine Serum) simultaneously. It is a proven "one-step," broad spectrum, hospital type germicidal / disinfectant / detergent against many pathogenic bacteria.

Used in hospitals, clinics, operatory and industry. Tuberculocidal, Virucidal, Salmonellacidal, fungicidal, and pseudomonicidal.


SterAseptic 256 is used on floors, walls, mirrors, glass, metal, formica and upholstery surfaces, conductive flooring, painted surfaces, exterior bowl surfaces, empty basins, instruments, showers, lavatory, ultrasonic equipment, and as an instrument soak. For institutional use such as hospitals and nursing homes, schools, college, medical, dental and veterinary clinics. Very economical.

In ultrasonic cleaner as a one step procedure for cleaning disinfecting.
As an instrument soak prior to autoclaving
Use in 24 Oz. Spray bottle for disinfecting all equipment, countertops, surfaces, walls, floors, vinyl, and leather upholstery.
High volume evacuation disinfectant / detergent / cleaner, for flushing all HVE tubings.


Add SterAseptic 256 to each gallon of pre-measured water.  Gently mix for a uniform solution.  Apply solution by normal methods with brush, mechanical spray devices, sponge or cloth.  Thoroughly wet all surfaces to be cleaned, then remove excess solution with a wrung out applicator.  Treated surfaces should remain wet for ten minutes.  Remove gross dirt mechanically before cleaning begins.  Discard solution daily or when it becomes dirty and replace with fresh solution. SterAseptic 256 is a complete product.  Do not add other chemicals.


SterAseptic 256 is E.P.A. approved 106-79-62722 and is diluted 1:128.




Steraseptic, 12 - 1 qt. Bottles $455.40 / case
- Concentrate (Mix 1 oz. / 1 gal. water) Spray Bottles / NC
- Buy One get One Free N/C
Steraseptic 4 - 1 qt. Bottles $169.80 / case
- Concentrate (Mix 1 oz. / 1 gal. water) Spray Bottles / NC
- Buy One get One Free N/C
Steraseptic 1 qt. Bottles $49.50 qt.
- Concentrate (Mix 1 oz. / 1 gal. water) Spray Bottle / NC
- Buy One get One Free N/C
Bulk Prices available upon request.  SterAseptic is also available in 1 gallon and 5 gallons.


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