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Money Back Guarantee and Very Economical 

Aseptifoam - Spray N' Wipe germicidal cleaner for all surfaces

Aerosol penetrating foam cleaner, that disinfects and deodorizes in one step. Kills HIV-1 (AIDS VIRUS) on pre-cleaned environmental surfaces / objects previously soiled with blood / body fluids.

Ready-to-use spray and wipe foam cleaner disinfects and deodorizes.  Disinfects 10 organisms including Herpes simplex Type I and II, HIV (AIDS VIRUS), and flu virus.

Features and Benefits

No rinsing, effective cleaning, disinfection and deordorization. Foam clings to vertical surfaces, lifts away soil debris, oils, grease, and stains. 

Uses: Counter tops, sinks, bathtubs, tile, showers, formica, leather, vinyl, plastic, enamel, porcelain, woodwork.

Used in hospitals, restaurants, offices, nursing homes, hotels, schools and laundries.

EPA and USDA Approved



Aseptifoam, 12-18 oz. cans $77.40 / case
- Surface Disinfectant $7.95 / can
- Buy One get One Free N / C
Bulk Prices available upon request.


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